Property Management

Our full Property Management service includes:

-       Knowing how to maximise your overall return
-       Connecting you directly with an experienced senior property manager – one point of contact
-       Maintaining a sensible ratio of properties per property manager
-       Managing properties across the entire Brisbane, Morton Bay and Sunshine Coast regions
-       Zero tolerance policy to rental arrears
-       Accurate account keeping and payment of invoices on property
-       Strict tenant selection criteria
-       Direct communication with Property Manager 24/7
-       Routine inspections every 3 months with photos with the report

Home Decor

Viewing of Properties for Lease

 GameOn Realty has gained the experience and expertise necessary to make it as efficient as possible. If you have any questions, just reach out and we’ll be happy to give your further details.

Country House


We conduct Routine inspections every  14/15 weeks on all rental properties. Once complete we send you the report which includes photos of all areas of the property, we note any maintenance while onsite.

Contract Review

Processing Applications

We want to help you make the right decision in choosing an applicant for your Investment property, We will complete all Tenancy database checks, Request all references from rental history to work and personal references. Once applications are completed in full we then contact you for the final decision, Don't worry we are there to help you.

Plumber at Work

Organizing Maintenance

We handle all the details regarding maintenance.
When maintenance is reported it is viewed then we send you a notification regarding the maintenance, If it is Urgent we call you straight away, an email is sent to tenants to inform them we have received the request, we then arrange Free Quotes so you are fully aware of the costs involved and await your approval, whether you require 2-3 quotes or you complete your own maintenance that is fine with us we are here to help, everyone is kept updated along the way.

Signing Contract

Rent Reviews/ Leases

3 Months before each lease renewal we conduct a rental market comparison and notify you if we recommend a rent increase.
Lease Renewals are completed and sent to tenants to sign and return we do this digitality so most lease agreements are returned that day, we send you a copy of each renewal. We also update you if a tenant is hesitating in signing a renewal.

Insurance Agent

Insurance Claims/ QCAT

Real estate decisions can be difficult and complicated, which is why it’s important we act of your behalf and submit insurance claims and attend to QCAT for hearings for our clients. We try and take the burden off our landlords from completing all paperwork and phone calls/emails and legal proceedings in regards to the property affected.

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